Twin Media develops e-communication methods for client tutorials and training information. The training and tutorial products created are web based for internet or intranet and are also developed for CD delivery. Interactive and self running training modules, some with full animation and timed narration, can provide a single uniform message to numerous channels.

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GE Equipment Financing, part of GE Capital Solutions.

Web based and CD

Voice over,
Functioning website mock-up,
self-running and interactive,
"What is this?" pop-up tooltips
Therap-e Minute

Timed Intranet Application

Wellness Directive to display stress-reducing exercises.

Narration, self running and randomly sequenced isometric program.
GE Capital Solutions
Intranet & client branded.

Self paced programs featuring working calculator, interactive glossary/FAQ look-up, auto correcting feedback quizzes, printable d
ata sheets and completion certificates.
The Stanley Works

Interactive knowledgebase

Interactive sales training tool which unified and localized product specific data, information and selling points.

Battery knowledgebase for High School students.

Website with interactive calculators, games, FAQs, experiments, quizzes, periodic table and historic facts.
The Stanley Works

Management Training Program

Self paced lessons featuring audio intros from senior management, interactive glossary/FAQ look-up, auto correcting feedback quizzes.


Employee awareness programs on facility security.
Phoenix Home Life


Employee tutorial for a newly installed integrated data access system.

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