Throughout the course of developing e-communications, we have sometimes found ourselves at the beginning of a process which sounded simple enough...  Our thanks goes out to these clients that have made the experience of completing these projects as much of a challenge as it was fun to do.
Perhaps the most serious of our video shorts, this was used as a DVD teaser and commercial for Connecticut Martial Arts.
Video editing and scene timing manipulation was needed to fit a dubbed narration over isolated clips from 2001.
Video produced from animation of still images, audio and music dubs. Even to this day we are trying to figure this one out.
A tribute to the methods and practices of business. Although personified in this form and fashion, we believe that it represents mankind in a universal way.
Frame by Frame animation of heads superimposed over scenes from the movie Titanic. Total individual frames exceeded 10,000. Each head required articulated mouth for dubbed narration. Composited in Flash, the animation was exported to video.

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